Tuesday, November 28, 2006

UGHHHHHH..Need I Say More

As I sit here it is a whoppin 26 degrees outside and the wind chill is 17 I must say I hate snow with a passion I lived back east in Massachusetts for 20 years( got tired of snow up past my knees) then I had four sun soaked years in Nevada(I miss Vegas) & now here I am in snowy cold Washington I have to say this is the only place I have lived that in the same month can it flood from all the rain and then turn around and snow so much they cancel school and people are leaving their cars on the side of the roads left and right MK(the boyfriend) took some pics lastnight and this morning I figured I would share them with you so you can enjoy some snow I will be back later with another post and yes this time I promise I will be...


Kimberly said...

I'm with you on that one - I cannot stand the snow. And you're right about the insanity of the weather here in "The Great Northwest" - it's nuts how quickly it changes. They always told me If you don't like the weather in Oregon, wait five minutes. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rae
I have relatives in Issaquah and it has been on the news every night about the snowstorms in Seattle. We got a lot of it too, here in Vancouver. I was without power most of last night, but it was restored by the morning (phew)
Many people in Vancouver area have been without power, heat and hot water for days.
Washington state has been hit really hard this year.
The joke? The people in the east are almost walking around in tee shirts and shorts!
I really hope that the weather clears up soon.
Take care,