Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yarn ,Yarn & More Yarn

Well its been awhile since I blogged & checked the blogs listed on my page shame on me I know I am missing some good projects & recipes..I have been doing a little yarn shopping here & there I have decided to try and knit a afghan in differnt colors of yarn I am going to knit long pieces in various colors and then sticth them together or I may just knit and switch colors as I go I need to learn how to change yarn on the needles first anyone know where I can get some help or instuctions with that ?...I am not a real fan of plain color yarn so I went and purchased some yarn of differnt colors I even took pics crappy pics but pics not the less..The weather here has been nice not too hot or cold which suites me just fine.But I am sure it will hop back up any day now. Well I will leave you with pictures of my newly aquired yarn & yes I know I said I am not a fan of solid color yarn there is some included lol

Colors (L-R) Majestic Mountain,El Paso,Windsor & Baroque

Colors (L-R) Painted Desert Print, Choco Cherry,Dark Orchid, Pink Camo

Colors (L-R) Aspen Print,Artist Print,Dark Sage,Coffee

Thursday, July 26, 2007

~Thursday Thirteen # 1-Favorite Tv Shows

Thirteen Things about Rae

This is my first try @ doing the Thursday Thirteen..I decided I would do my 13 favorite Tv Shows
1.Good Eats (Food Network)-I am a huge Alton Brown fan..Watching this show I have learned things I never knew about cooking before.Love the props & differnt characters good recipes too.
2.Ace Of Cakes(Food Network)-This show is great they make some of the most beautiful & oddest looking cakes
3.Paula's Home Cooking(Food Network)-Yes I am a Food Network junkie-You can't help but love Paula Deen & her show she makes some of the most delicious looking recipes & I love the way she talks
4.Dirty Jobs(Discovery Channel)-How does a man go from singing with the Opera to traveling around doing the world's dirtiest job ? Well Mike Rowe has done it. For people who think their jobs suck your should watch this show and see what some people with really dirty jobs..I never knew there was suck a thing as a Whale Autopsy Tech... Did You ?
5.Mythbusters(Discovery Channel)-If you haven't guessed what the show is about from the name well let me tell you its a good show to watch. I enjoy watching them talking about the myths i've never heard of and seeing them try to bust ones that I have heard of like Pop Rocks & Soda..
6.Made In America(Travel Channel)-With all the things being made outside of the US it is nice to see a show that focuses on companies and things that are made right here in America
7.Taste of America(Travel Channel)-Marc DeCarlo worls his way around the US stopping in differnt placs and tasting what America had to offer
8.Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations(Travel Channel)-Follow this chain smoking, fowl mouthed chef around the world as he visits places from Russia to Iceland eating the Native food and learing differnt things about their food & culture along the way
9.Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern(Travel Channel)-If you have a weak stomach thi show is not for you this show follows Andrew as he eats some of the most bizzarre foods from all over the world. He has tried things sucks as whale blubber,lamb eyeballs or pig brains
10.Whose Line Is It Anyways(Fox Family)-This is the American version of the British show on BBC.Its a improve show where comics have to act out differnt scenes sometimes including audience members..Wayne Brady is hilarious on this show
11.Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC(Spike Tv)-If you love kickboxing,mixed martial arts or boxing you will love this show.Watch 2 guys go toe to toe in a octogon
12.Samantha Brown(Travel Channel)-I enjoy watching anything with Samatha Brown she is funny, goofy and seems like a all around fun person to be around
13.NFL/SportsCenter-Sports 24-7 what else do you need ??
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Friday, July 20, 2007

Finished Blanket

Well I finished the baby blanket..I may add another piece on I haven't decided yet to make it a little more wider. I took some pictures of it but they didn't come out to well due to
the fact that the blanket is Pastel Green & White and my camera sucks lol. So I took a close up picture of it hope you all like....I put some books on hold at the library about knitting. There is one that has a bunch of differnt stitches in it and one about scarves and some other books...I never knew there were that many books out about knitting.Well the weather here has been blah lol I know I asked for some rain to wet down thing some and man did I get what I asked for lol..Its been raining off and on for the past 2 or 3 days & according to the weather channel its suppose to rain until Sun..Gee I guess next time I better becareful what I ask for..I hope everyone is doing ok I need to make my rounds and read some blogs

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Which Do You Prefer ?

Its been awhile since I last posted I started a baby blanket for my sister I decided to use my Knifty Knitter loom as opposed to doing it on needles cause honestly since I am just learning to knit on needles it would take me forever to knit a blanket by the time I would have been done and the kid got it he or she would be in college lol..The weather here has been nice as in low-mid 80's been a day or 2 in the 90's...We need some rain desperatly with it being so hot and dry here it's a serious fire hazzard that is for sure..But anyone on to why I am posting this I had a question for all the knitters out there which to you prefer bamboo needles or metal ones ? I was reading something I think it was on ebay about bamboo needles I was thinking about getting some and it said they don't split yarn and handle better then other needles so I figured all of you have been knitting longer then me so what is your take on bamboo needles and which do you prefer ?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yarn, Heat & A Uncle Update

Its been a few days since I last posted but I have still been knitting..I learned to purl stitch and to cast off it doesn't look spectacular but practice makes perfect I am going to cast on again and see if I can make both my sides even unlike the pics in my last post(if anyone else has any ideas about what went wrong feel free to let me know I would appreciate it thank you Abby for your help too)... I also have a question it maybe a stupid question but I have to ask..I have heard yarn called sock yarn only for socks ? I was talking with my mom the other day and I was telling her about this wool yarn I had bought and was using and she says to me "Have you forgotten you are allergic to wool ?" Hmm well obivously I have cause had I remembered I wouldn't have gotten the yarn...When I was a kid I got this wool hat and just touching it made me break out and itch like I had the chicken pox..But i've touched it since I got it and nothing has happened I wonder if you can be allergic to something as a kid and lose the allergic reaction to it as you get older..But just to be on the safe side I will becareful whenever I decide to use it.

My goodness it is getting hot here lately its only 11:23 A.M here and its already 85. The low for today is 64 and the high is 98 lets just hope it doesn't hit the high today lol.. Ic an only imagine what Aug is going to be like if this keeps up I just hope we get a little bit of rain here it can wet all the dry area down some we had a slew of fires last year..So me and my new fan have become the best of friends the new fan we got has an ionic breeze in it I figured it would help with my allergies I hope anyways...

It has been awhile since I update everyone on my uncle to those of you who are new here to this blog you can catch up on post here & here. Well to end the update process my uncle is home finally he was in rehab for a week he was released from rehab on July 4th I told him it give a new meaning to Independence Day. He has type on Diabetes and will be on insulin for the rest of his life due to the damage to his pancreas. He hasn't had to do dialysis since the last time he did it in the hospital. The only problem now is he can't drink ice cold water for some reason it makes him sick to his stomach so he has to let it sit for a few before drinking it. I am not sure if its just water or all beverages.. His hand strength wasn't very strong so they didn't know for sure if he would be able to give himself shots or would he have to wait for his daughter to come home at night and give it to him but he has been giving himself his shots cause who knows there maybe a time when his daughter isn't there so he is doing good and taking care of himself. I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and emails. It has been a long journey getting him back home.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

We Are Making Progress..Yipeee

Well I have made some progress on the knitting front as you can see I just started knitting its not a project or anything I just wanted to get some stitches done I posted these pics (not very good pics sorry) because I have a question the question pertains to picture 3..Can someone tell me why its crooked like that and how do I make it straight like in picture 2 ?

Full Picture

Straight Edge Left Side

Crooked Edge Right Side

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are You Better With A Frying Pan Or A Baking Pan ??

I would have to say I think I am a little better with a baking pan then a frying pan...I like cooking but love baking even though I don't do it on a regular basis....But I can cook fairly well I am steps above hotdogs(which I hate) and mac & cheese lol..I love mixing spices together to see what they will taste like...But baking I can go or hours on end I make a damn good Triple Chip Cookie (White Choc & Choc Chips with Peanut Butter Chips) or sugar high on the go lol...I love making pies I just have a hard time with the crust I am ashamed to say I buy my crust already made bad I know shame on me..I really had to learn to cook on my own when we were kids my mom worked and went to school so most times while we were at school she was making dinner and leaving it for us to heat up when we got hungry & mom wasn't a baker no one in my family was when most grandmothers are at home baking mines(on my dad's side my grnadmother on my mom's side passed away before I was born) was off at tag sales and the mall..

We have the world's smallest kitchen here I swear lol...So there isn't a ton of room to do stuff I can make a cake but when it comes to frosting it well that is another story the same with cupcakes I am ok until it comes to frosting no matter what I do it looks like I gave the knife to a baby and said go for it trust me its not a pretty sight..I can knock out cookies like crazy though 2 yrs ago I made 400 m&m cookies for a bbq for this group I was in and every year for Christmas I make cookies my dream would be to get a cookie swap together man i'd be in heaven..I usually start planning what cookies I am going to make I usually use my Cookie Bible(best gift I got 2 yrs ago along with my Winnie The Pooh Cookie jar) and I occasionally buy a holiday cookie magazine to see what they have I am not good enough yet to come up with my own recipes off the top of my head yet cause it may sound good together but could be horrible after its baked & then I feel like I am wasting food oh well I guess I will have to give it a shot anyways right you never know until you try and who knows it maybe pretty good..If anyone has any tips feel free to share

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Haapy 4th Of July

I Hope Everyone Has A Safe & Happy 4th
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cast On,Stitch,Stitch,Repeat & Pull Hair Out

I swear I must be losing brain cells lol...For some odd reason I can't do anything today with these needles. I cast on put on the stitches and when I go to do the stitch I talked about yesterday(now I am forgetting words here) some are loose and some are way to tight and some never make it to the other needle..So I figured I would step back gather my thoughts and try again tomorrow because if I keep going I am going to end up trying to break these needles or putting all my yarn in a pile in the yard and setting it on fire and have the neighbors wondering what I am sacrificing lol...But I refuse to give up just yet or throw in the towel well in this case the needle lol...If I ever say I give up I want one of you to slap me with a stein of yarn perferably something soft thank you..

Monday, July 02, 2007

Calling All Crafters HELP !!!!!!

Ok I am in need of some help here from anyone reading this who knits...Is there any yarn that doesn't seperate or fray I guess that is what you would call it..I am new to this whole knitting thing so bare with me in case this is a dumb question..Thanx to the help of You Tube(that site rocks lol) I learned how to cast on a needle(the picture and the explanation in the book that came with the needles was very litle help) and do a few more different stitches non that I have perfected yet but practice makes yarrn comes apart when I do a I want to say a continental stitch or a throw stitch and I think thats right but its the stitch where you use your needles to make an X and you wrap the yarn between the needles and pull the stitch off ( I hope this explanation makes sense to someone reading this lol)....I have also made progress on my kniffty knitter loom I and I made some flowers on my Knit-Wit to me the look better without the borders I will take a pic of them and post them sometimes today...

July Quote Of The Month-It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln