Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yarn ,Yarn & More Yarn

Well its been awhile since I blogged & checked the blogs listed on my page shame on me I know I am missing some good projects & recipes..I have been doing a little yarn shopping here & there I have decided to try and knit a afghan in differnt colors of yarn I am going to knit long pieces in various colors and then sticth them together or I may just knit and switch colors as I go I need to learn how to change yarn on the needles first anyone know where I can get some help or instuctions with that ?...I am not a real fan of plain color yarn so I went and purchased some yarn of differnt colors I even took pics crappy pics but pics not the less..The weather here has been nice not too hot or cold which suites me just fine.But I am sure it will hop back up any day now. Well I will leave you with pictures of my newly aquired yarn & yes I know I said I am not a fan of solid color yarn there is some included lol

Colors (L-R) Majestic Mountain,El Paso,Windsor & Baroque

Colors (L-R) Painted Desert Print, Choco Cherry,Dark Orchid, Pink Camo

Colors (L-R) Aspen Print,Artist Print,Dark Sage,Coffee


Lizet said...

Wow, you have got yourself a real pretty stash! Lovely colors!
For changing yarn/ colours you could try this video
Hope it helps!

Abby said...

I love Homespun! I just finished a scarf using it. I only make scarves, remember. Ha. That windsor is calling my name!

Nicole said...

Another Homespun fan here - I made an afghan with it, and would do it again.