Friday, September 15, 2006


That is the medical term for what is wrong with my legs. Lymphedema is the chronic accumulation of lymphatic fluid in body tissues. I have a mass on my inner right thigh and a smaller one on my inner left thigh. It’s kind of hard to explain what this is so I will use a definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, they say Lymphedema, or "lymphatic obstruction", is a condition of localized fluid retention caused by a compromised lymphatic system. The lymphatic system (often referred to as the body's "second" circulatory system) collects and filters the interstitial fluid of the body. According to a specialist I went to see he says something happened to set this off, well I am guessing its my weight but he also says that he thinks it can be reversed with lymphatic massge well my regular Dr put in a request with my insurance to see if it would give me a referral and of course I have heard nothing from them as you know from a previous post my insurance is a lil slow lol (but I do like them because they cover pre-existing conditions but you have to wait 9 months that is how I got help with my leg) and this was a month ago or 2. But the specialist said I can also do the massage at home now he felt a need to forget to tell me how to do it lol. So I searched Boarders & Barnes & Noble for a book well I found it but neither one carried it and I would have to order it but I found it on & for cheaper too so I ordered it today cross your fingers that I am on my way to having my legs back so I can walk without feeling like I am walking like a damn duck. Also if I can walk I am sure it will aid in the process of losing weight. Well for the first time since I started my diet I had something besides water yesterday lol I had some hot cocoa(man it was COLD lastnight)..I have to admit I am getting a lil tired of water but I still love my Crystal Light I need to look for something else to drink I would try juices but I don’t want to have to much sugar either any idea feel free to pass them along. Well I guess that is all this evening off to make my football picks have a good weekend…

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sometimes You Feel LIke Something Healthy Sometimes You Don't

I have been slacking in the posting department lately sorry football season has began lol...OMG today I wanted some candy do BADLY you would not believe it lol...I was sitting here at home thinking god I want some candy lol...but I didn't run out and buy one I told myself I didn't need it and the craving would pass lol and it finally did...I didn't want to let myself down by meesing up 2 weeks of no candy..So does anyone have any idea what to do when you get cravings I would appreciate any help you have to offer...So as I stated before I have made it 2 weeks now I feel proud of myself that I am taking the steps to a healthier me only a few people close to me know that I am doing this I don't want to tell my family because I know they will always be asking me how is it going and badgering me about one thing or another and since they are all back on the East Coast they can't see me so it's ok lol...I am addicted to crystal light Iced Tea and Peach Tea lol only 5 calories and god its so good.....Also maybe someone can help me figure this out too I don't get that thirsty during the day but when night hits maybe lets say about 9 and up I can drink about 5 bottles of water does this happen to anyone else ???...All I know with drinking all this water and going tinkle what seems like ever 15-20 min I feel like I should be wearing some and a tank top and passing a baton to someone in a race LOL...I need to go buy some hand weights I think they are called or maybe they are just called weights lol I know they usually come in Pink, Purple and Blue but I need to buy some to use to get my arms in shape I need to find some sit down exercises since standing and walking for any period of time isn't any option at the moment but I don't want that to stop me from getting my ass together I will explain why I have a hard time walking in tomorrows post..I am off to read see you all later

Friday, September 08, 2006

Funnies 4 Friday 2

If Men Ruled The World
1- Two words... "Ally McNaked".
2- When a cop gave you a ticket, every smart-aleck
answer you responded with would actually reduce your fine.
As in:Cop: "You know how fast you were going?"
You: "All I know is, I was spilling my beer all over the place."
Cop : "Nice one, That's $10.00 off".
3- People would never talk about how fresh they felt.
4- Daisy Duke shorts would never go out of style again.
5- Every man would get four real "Get Out of Jail Free" cards per year.
6- Telephones would cut off after 30 seconds of conversation.
7- The victors in any athletic competition would get to kill and eat the losers.
8- It would be perfectly legal to steal a sports car, as long as you returned it the following day with a full tank of gas.
9- Instead of a fancy, expensive engagement ring, you could present your wife-to-be with a giant foam hand that said "You're #1!".
10- When your girlfriend really needed to talk to you during the game, she'd appear in a little box in the corner of the screen during a time-out.
11- Nodding and looking at your watch would be deemed as an acceptable response to "I love you".
12- The funniest guy in the office would get to be CEO.
13- "Sorry I'm late, but I was wasted last night", would be an acceptable excuse for tardiness.
14- At the end of the workday, a whistle would blow and you would jump out of your window and slide down the tail of a brontosaurus and right into your car.
15- Hallmark would make "Sorry, what was your name again?" cards.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bad Habits

Well I went grocery shopping the other night and I didn't buy any candy but I did by 2 boxes of brownie mix well MK can eat the brownies I just needed the proof of purchase things on the bottom of the box so I can send for my Pillsbury Dough Boy Doll he laughs when u squeeze him tummy(yea I know I have issues)...But I was thinking last night after reading someone's blog hell I can't remember who it was either they were talking about eating habits or why you over eat and I realized two things well two bad habits I need to break one is I eat when i'm bored and I eat late at night and then go to bed so those are two habits I really need to stop doing those things...I have never really been a junk food junkie I tend to buy stuff thinking I want it at the moment and its sounds good and end up not eating it I have no idea why I do that either does anyone else do that ? I am still having trouble with my sodium intake and its driving me bonkers I swear everything in this flippin world has sodium lol...Well that's all for now I think I will go read see you in the posts...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

One Week !!!!

Well I suvived one week of no soda, no candy and no fast food and I know this isn't a big deal to anyone but it is to me...My next problem is trying to control my sodium intake I am way over on that...I have been trying to find things that are low in sodium or have no sodium at all...I had some chopped walnuts last night and found out they have no sodium at all I think I found a new snack for me lol.....I have to say I haven't had any cravings for soda or candy but man I had a huge craving for some McDonalds french fries but I never gave in I feel good about that...Well that's it for tonight...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Funnies 4 Friday

Q: Who is the most popular man in a nudist colony?

A: The one who can carry 2 large coffees and a dozendonuts.


Q: Who is the most popular woman in a nudist colony?

A: The one who can eat the last two donuts.