Friday, September 15, 2006


That is the medical term for what is wrong with my legs. Lymphedema is the chronic accumulation of lymphatic fluid in body tissues. I have a mass on my inner right thigh and a smaller one on my inner left thigh. It’s kind of hard to explain what this is so I will use a definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, they say Lymphedema, or "lymphatic obstruction", is a condition of localized fluid retention caused by a compromised lymphatic system. The lymphatic system (often referred to as the body's "second" circulatory system) collects and filters the interstitial fluid of the body. According to a specialist I went to see he says something happened to set this off, well I am guessing its my weight but he also says that he thinks it can be reversed with lymphatic massge well my regular Dr put in a request with my insurance to see if it would give me a referral and of course I have heard nothing from them as you know from a previous post my insurance is a lil slow lol (but I do like them because they cover pre-existing conditions but you have to wait 9 months that is how I got help with my leg) and this was a month ago or 2. But the specialist said I can also do the massage at home now he felt a need to forget to tell me how to do it lol. So I searched Boarders & Barnes & Noble for a book well I found it but neither one carried it and I would have to order it but I found it on & for cheaper too so I ordered it today cross your fingers that I am on my way to having my legs back so I can walk without feeling like I am walking like a damn duck. Also if I can walk I am sure it will aid in the process of losing weight. Well for the first time since I started my diet I had something besides water yesterday lol I had some hot cocoa(man it was COLD lastnight)..I have to admit I am getting a lil tired of water but I still love my Crystal Light I need to look for something else to drink I would try juices but I don’t want to have to much sugar either any idea feel free to pass them along. Well I guess that is all this evening off to make my football picks have a good weekend…

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Miss Michele said...

lymphedema sucks! i hope you get better with it. i don't have it but i watched a show on discovery with a woman who had it. it looked very inconvenient.

i just found your blog. love it!

hang in there.