Monday, September 11, 2006

Sometimes You Feel LIke Something Healthy Sometimes You Don't

I have been slacking in the posting department lately sorry football season has began lol...OMG today I wanted some candy do BADLY you would not believe it lol...I was sitting here at home thinking god I want some candy lol...but I didn't run out and buy one I told myself I didn't need it and the craving would pass lol and it finally did...I didn't want to let myself down by meesing up 2 weeks of no candy..So does anyone have any idea what to do when you get cravings I would appreciate any help you have to offer...So as I stated before I have made it 2 weeks now I feel proud of myself that I am taking the steps to a healthier me only a few people close to me know that I am doing this I don't want to tell my family because I know they will always be asking me how is it going and badgering me about one thing or another and since they are all back on the East Coast they can't see me so it's ok lol...I am addicted to crystal light Iced Tea and Peach Tea lol only 5 calories and god its so good.....Also maybe someone can help me figure this out too I don't get that thirsty during the day but when night hits maybe lets say about 9 and up I can drink about 5 bottles of water does this happen to anyone else ???...All I know with drinking all this water and going tinkle what seems like ever 15-20 min I feel like I should be wearing some and a tank top and passing a baton to someone in a race LOL...I need to go buy some hand weights I think they are called or maybe they are just called weights lol I know they usually come in Pink, Purple and Blue but I need to buy some to use to get my arms in shape I need to find some sit down exercises since standing and walking for any period of time isn't any option at the moment but I don't want that to stop me from getting my ass together I will explain why I have a hard time walking in tomorrows post..I am off to read see you all later

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