Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bad Habits

Well I went grocery shopping the other night and I didn't buy any candy but I did by 2 boxes of brownie mix well MK can eat the brownies I just needed the proof of purchase things on the bottom of the box so I can send for my Pillsbury Dough Boy Doll he laughs when u squeeze him tummy(yea I know I have issues)...But I was thinking last night after reading someone's blog hell I can't remember who it was either they were talking about eating habits or why you over eat and I realized two things well two bad habits I need to break one is I eat when i'm bored and I eat late at night and then go to bed so those are two habits I really need to stop doing those things...I have never really been a junk food junkie I tend to buy stuff thinking I want it at the moment and its sounds good and end up not eating it I have no idea why I do that either does anyone else do that ? I am still having trouble with my sodium intake and its driving me bonkers I swear everything in this flippin world has sodium lol...Well that's all for now I think I will go read see you in the posts...


Jen said...

Something I *try* to do as much as possible is to stay away from the middle of the grocery store. That's where all the boxed and weirdo man made stuff is :)

FAT BITCH said...

Hi ~~Rae~~ :)

OMG you love the Pillsbury Dough Boy too??!!! I always call myself the PDB and my husband pokes me in the stomach and I giggle when he does!!!! LOLOLOL :D

If you get hungry late at night, since you're not really into junk foods, maybe you might try eating a Slimfast snack bar or drinking a bottle of either chocolate or vanilla Ensure. At least they're healthy snacks that should help you feel satisfied. :)

Sigh - I's very strange...why does everything (even sweet junk food) have to have so much damn salt in them? It's very hard, but try to stay away from the salt, honey. Maybe you could buy what I do if they sell it where you are - it's called Morton's Lite Salt and it has 50% less sodium in it:

I see that you are a water and tea drinker (cute blinkies). :) One of MY problems is that I don't drink enough.

Kimberly said...

Sort of on an unrelated note, but I was grocery shopping last night and I needed soy sauce. So I found it and right next to it I saw "Light Soy Sauce." I thought, cool, less calories, but then I read the fine print and it has 50% less salt, not calories. I guess it's the same idea as the "light" salt that FB mentioned.

Also, I've been buying a lot of low fat, fat free, low calorie, etc. type foods lately and a lot of them seem to be low sodium by default.