Thursday, July 26, 2007

~Thursday Thirteen # 1-Favorite Tv Shows

Thirteen Things about Rae

This is my first try @ doing the Thursday Thirteen..I decided I would do my 13 favorite Tv Shows
1.Good Eats (Food Network)-I am a huge Alton Brown fan..Watching this show I have learned things I never knew about cooking before.Love the props & differnt characters good recipes too.
2.Ace Of Cakes(Food Network)-This show is great they make some of the most beautiful & oddest looking cakes
3.Paula's Home Cooking(Food Network)-Yes I am a Food Network junkie-You can't help but love Paula Deen & her show she makes some of the most delicious looking recipes & I love the way she talks
4.Dirty Jobs(Discovery Channel)-How does a man go from singing with the Opera to traveling around doing the world's dirtiest job ? Well Mike Rowe has done it. For people who think their jobs suck your should watch this show and see what some people with really dirty jobs..I never knew there was suck a thing as a Whale Autopsy Tech... Did You ?
5.Mythbusters(Discovery Channel)-If you haven't guessed what the show is about from the name well let me tell you its a good show to watch. I enjoy watching them talking about the myths i've never heard of and seeing them try to bust ones that I have heard of like Pop Rocks & Soda..
6.Made In America(Travel Channel)-With all the things being made outside of the US it is nice to see a show that focuses on companies and things that are made right here in America
7.Taste of America(Travel Channel)-Marc DeCarlo worls his way around the US stopping in differnt placs and tasting what America had to offer
8.Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations(Travel Channel)-Follow this chain smoking, fowl mouthed chef around the world as he visits places from Russia to Iceland eating the Native food and learing differnt things about their food & culture along the way
9.Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern(Travel Channel)-If you have a weak stomach thi show is not for you this show follows Andrew as he eats some of the most bizzarre foods from all over the world. He has tried things sucks as whale blubber,lamb eyeballs or pig brains
10.Whose Line Is It Anyways(Fox Family)-This is the American version of the British show on BBC.Its a improve show where comics have to act out differnt scenes sometimes including audience members..Wayne Brady is hilarious on this show
11.Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC(Spike Tv)-If you love kickboxing,mixed martial arts or boxing you will love this show.Watch 2 guys go toe to toe in a octogon
12.Samantha Brown(Travel Channel)-I enjoy watching anything with Samatha Brown she is funny, goofy and seems like a all around fun person to be around
13.NFL/SportsCenter-Sports 24-7 what else do you need ??
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Melanie said...

Great first TT! I LOVE Dirty Jobs and MythBusters! Another one on Discovery that I can watch over and over is Man Vs Wild! Thanks for stopping by mine as well!

Annie said...

That's a great first TT! You appear to live in the Real World (not the TV show Real World, but actually where REAL people live!) I also love Paula Dean... and I haven't seen the American version of Whose Line is it, but I'm going to look for that, because I love the BBC version.

Marina said...

Nice way to start T13! We don't have cable (live in the boonies, and it isn't worth it for the cable company to lay line out here), so I haven't seen most of what's on your list.

However, I have seen Whose Line? (both versions--BBC used to be on Comedy Central, back when I lived in civilization), Mythbusters, and Dirty Jobs.

Thanks for dropping by!