Friday, July 20, 2007

Finished Blanket

Well I finished the baby blanket..I may add another piece on I haven't decided yet to make it a little more wider. I took some pictures of it but they didn't come out to well due to
the fact that the blanket is Pastel Green & White and my camera sucks lol. So I took a close up picture of it hope you all like....I put some books on hold at the library about knitting. There is one that has a bunch of differnt stitches in it and one about scarves and some other books...I never knew there were that many books out about knitting.Well the weather here has been blah lol I know I asked for some rain to wet down thing some and man did I get what I asked for lol..Its been raining off and on for the past 2 or 3 days & according to the weather channel its suppose to rain until Sun..Gee I guess next time I better becareful what I ask for..I hope everyone is doing ok I need to make my rounds and read some blogs


BeadKnitter said...

Your blanket turned out very pretty.

Abby said...

How pretty! I'd love to make a blanket someday. I did finish a scarf this week so that was a HUGE accomplishment for me! I haven't moved beyond scarves yet, though. Ha.

Nicole said...

It's beautiful!