Sunday, July 15, 2007

Which Do You Prefer ?

Its been awhile since I last posted I started a baby blanket for my sister I decided to use my Knifty Knitter loom as opposed to doing it on needles cause honestly since I am just learning to knit on needles it would take me forever to knit a blanket by the time I would have been done and the kid got it he or she would be in college lol..The weather here has been nice as in low-mid 80's been a day or 2 in the 90's...We need some rain desperatly with it being so hot and dry here it's a serious fire hazzard that is for sure..But anyone on to why I am posting this I had a question for all the knitters out there which to you prefer bamboo needles or metal ones ? I was reading something I think it was on ebay about bamboo needles I was thinking about getting some and it said they don't split yarn and handle better then other needles so I figured all of you have been knitting longer then me so what is your take on bamboo needles and which do you prefer ?


Lizet said...

Swap places? It has been raining here for over 6 weeks, every day. It is all muddy and wet around here, LOL.
About the needles: I prefer bamboo for dpn's and straight needles, for circulars I'd go for metal. I LOVE addi needles most. Bamboo is less smooth than metal, the benefit is the stitches will fall of less easily. The drawback is they will slow the knitting a bit.

BeadKnitter said...

Hi Rae.
I prefer metal ones-specifically Addi Turbo circulars. There really isn't a one is better than the other in needles. It's all a matter of personal preference. I learned on Boye straights. I've tried them all-metal, plastic, nylon, wood, bamboo, bone... and I prefer addi turbos.

Splitting yarn is not a needle thing necessarily. It's a knitter skill thing, and a how the yarn is spun thing. I've split yarn just as much with bamboo as anything else.

By all means, I'd experiment with different types of needles. Then go with what feels good in your hands.

alltangledup said...

I prefer different needles for different yarns. Personally like addi's best but bamboo is better for fibres like silk and viscose. They're a bit slippery to work on metal.

I do however think that beginners and people joint/wrist problems are better with bamboo.