Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yarn, Heat & A Uncle Update

Its been a few days since I last posted but I have still been knitting..I learned to purl stitch and to cast off it doesn't look spectacular but practice makes perfect I am going to cast on again and see if I can make both my sides even unlike the pics in my last post(if anyone else has any ideas about what went wrong feel free to let me know I would appreciate it thank you Abby for your help too)... I also have a question it maybe a stupid question but I have to ask..I have heard yarn called sock yarn only for socks ? I was talking with my mom the other day and I was telling her about this wool yarn I had bought and was using and she says to me "Have you forgotten you are allergic to wool ?" Hmm well obivously I have cause had I remembered I wouldn't have gotten the yarn...When I was a kid I got this wool hat and just touching it made me break out and itch like I had the chicken pox..But i've touched it since I got it and nothing has happened I wonder if you can be allergic to something as a kid and lose the allergic reaction to it as you get older..But just to be on the safe side I will becareful whenever I decide to use it.

My goodness it is getting hot here lately its only 11:23 A.M here and its already 85. The low for today is 64 and the high is 98 lets just hope it doesn't hit the high today lol.. Ic an only imagine what Aug is going to be like if this keeps up I just hope we get a little bit of rain here it can wet all the dry area down some we had a slew of fires last year..So me and my new fan have become the best of friends the new fan we got has an ionic breeze in it I figured it would help with my allergies I hope anyways...

It has been awhile since I update everyone on my uncle to those of you who are new here to this blog you can catch up on post here & here. Well to end the update process my uncle is home finally he was in rehab for a week he was released from rehab on July 4th I told him it give a new meaning to Independence Day. He has type on Diabetes and will be on insulin for the rest of his life due to the damage to his pancreas. He hasn't had to do dialysis since the last time he did it in the hospital. The only problem now is he can't drink ice cold water for some reason it makes him sick to his stomach so he has to let it sit for a few before drinking it. I am not sure if its just water or all beverages.. His hand strength wasn't very strong so they didn't know for sure if he would be able to give himself shots or would he have to wait for his daughter to come home at night and give it to him but he has been giving himself his shots cause who knows there maybe a time when his daughter isn't there so he is doing good and taking care of himself. I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and emails. It has been a long journey getting him back home.


Nicole said...

I'm glad your uncle is doing much better.

And here's a good article about what makes a sock yarn:
Knitter's Review:Happy Feet:
Finding Your Ideal Sock Yarn

Samantha said...

FYI, I have found invaluable in trying to learn techniques on my own... And i have heard that it is possible to outgrow an allergy, so who knows?

Lizet said...

There is a lot of difference in one wool yarn and another. DD reacts allergic to Wensleydale, but has absolutely no problems with Blue Faced Leicester, Merino and sock yarns. Some people are allergic to the woolfat in wool. But as you can touch the wool without getting itching fingers, it should be okay.

Good to read your uncle is getting well again.

SignGurl said...

The more you knit, the straighter it will get. You are picking up stitches to make your rows uneven. Also, watch how tightly you are pulling. Make sure you pull it all the same. This has been my experience, anyway.

I'm glad to hear your uncle is doing better.