Saturday, April 07, 2007

Playing The Waiting Game

I should have blogged about this when it first started but I honestly thought it wasn't going to be anything serious but I was wrong so after keeping all this in for the past 3 weeks I need to let it out, vent, cry whatever....I guess I am still processing it all for the most part to be honest...

Three weeks ago my mom called me and told me my Uncle was in the hospital he was complaining of back pain and a really bad stomach ache now this man has a high pain tolerance so for him to want to go to the ER he has to be in some bad pain...So after he was admitted my aunt and my mom were sitting in the waiting room when the Dr came out and told them they think his pancreas was inflamed & that he was a very sick man...So as the days and weeks progress he has a feeding tube and a breathing tube inserted & he is doped up on sedative and morphine...So his kidneys start to fail and they start him on dialysis

Well one day he tried to pull out his tubes and they have to use restraints on his arms to keep him from doing that..They were going to remove the breathing tube but for some reason decided against it well come to find out today he has an infection in his blood and had to have a blood transfusion...They did a cat scan on his pancreas and they couldn't see so they were going to use a cam to see what was going on to see if some of his pancreas is dead or not function and then take it from there...So that has been the last 3 weeks in a nutshell & of course I am about 3000 miles away so I can't be there to go see him..Its not like I could do much if I was there but I would like to see him..So I am going to end this post for now before I start balling my eyes out

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