Saturday, July 07, 2007

We Are Making Progress..Yipeee

Well I have made some progress on the knitting front as you can see I just started knitting its not a project or anything I just wanted to get some stitches done I posted these pics (not very good pics sorry) because I have a question the question pertains to picture 3..Can someone tell me why its crooked like that and how do I make it straight like in picture 2 ?

Full Picture

Straight Edge Left Side

Crooked Edge Right Side


Abby said...

Now you know I'm a new knitter, too, but would that have something to do with gauge? I think you check gauge as you knit each row to make sure each row is the same width, which is esp. helpful when you're making clothing.

But don't take my word for it! This is just a guess... ha.

Nicole said...

It could also be that you're picking up an extra stitch at the corner or close to the corner. I used to do that too when I started.

Lizet said...

Hi Rae, your knitting looks very neat to me! For the crooked edge: I am not sure, but maybe you have to watch your last stitch carefully when turning your work. Maybe you are indeed picking up an extra stitch as Nicole suggested. But I don't know why this only turns up at one side of your work.