Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are You Better With A Frying Pan Or A Baking Pan ??

I would have to say I think I am a little better with a baking pan then a frying pan...I like cooking but love baking even though I don't do it on a regular basis....But I can cook fairly well I am steps above hotdogs(which I hate) and mac & cheese lol..I love mixing spices together to see what they will taste like...But baking I can go or hours on end I make a damn good Triple Chip Cookie (White Choc & Choc Chips with Peanut Butter Chips) or sugar high on the go lol...I love making pies I just have a hard time with the crust I am ashamed to say I buy my crust already made bad I know shame on me..I really had to learn to cook on my own when we were kids my mom worked and went to school so most times while we were at school she was making dinner and leaving it for us to heat up when we got hungry & mom wasn't a baker no one in my family was when most grandmothers are at home baking mines(on my dad's side my grnadmother on my mom's side passed away before I was born) was off at tag sales and the mall..

We have the world's smallest kitchen here I swear lol...So there isn't a ton of room to do stuff I can make a cake but when it comes to frosting it well that is another story the same with cupcakes I am ok until it comes to frosting no matter what I do it looks like I gave the knife to a baby and said go for it trust me its not a pretty sight..I can knock out cookies like crazy though 2 yrs ago I made 400 m&m cookies for a bbq for this group I was in and every year for Christmas I make cookies my dream would be to get a cookie swap together man i'd be in heaven..I usually start planning what cookies I am going to make I usually use my Cookie Bible(best gift I got 2 yrs ago along with my Winnie The Pooh Cookie jar) and I occasionally buy a holiday cookie magazine to see what they have I am not good enough yet to come up with my own recipes off the top of my head yet cause it may sound good together but could be horrible after its baked & then I feel like I am wasting food oh well I guess I will have to give it a shot anyways right you never know until you try and who knows it maybe pretty good..If anyone has any tips feel free to share

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Lizet said...

I don't have any tips, I am no baker. We bake our own bread, but that is easy, and every now and then it comes to biscuits or cake.