Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cast On,Stitch,Stitch,Repeat & Pull Hair Out

I swear I must be losing brain cells lol...For some odd reason I can't do anything today with these needles. I cast on put on the stitches and when I go to do the stitch I talked about yesterday(now I am forgetting words here) some are loose and some are way to tight and some never make it to the other needle..So I figured I would step back gather my thoughts and try again tomorrow because if I keep going I am going to end up trying to break these needles or putting all my yarn in a pile in the yard and setting it on fire and have the neighbors wondering what I am sacrificing lol...But I refuse to give up just yet or throw in the towel well in this case the needle lol...If I ever say I give up I want one of you to slap me with a stein of yarn perferably something soft thank you..


Lizet said...

Don't give up. It takes some time to learn, but not that much time. Take a step back, leave your knitting work for a day or so, and then try again. I'm pretty sure you'll knit the most lovely things in a few months.
What are you knitting now by the way and what yarn do you use?

~~R~~ said...

Hi lizet at first I was using acrylic yarn and figured since I was having so much trouble with it splitting I would try something else so now I am using wool yarn I have no idea what I am knitting I am just learning the right now trying to get the stitches down

Lizet said...

Wool is more nice to handle compared to acrylic. You could consider knitting a (small) bag to begin with and felt it after knitting.

Nicole said...

And you'll get those stitches down :-)

I agree with Lizet - a small project might be just the thing. If you want to master one stitch at a time, you could start with the knit stitch and knit this bib: