Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Thoughts

I was laying in bed last night not being able to sleep as usual thinking about my health,my eating habits & other body thoughts you know the usual nighttime thoughts lol...A few things dawned on me
  • I need to start eating breakfast and I know this is common knowledge but hey I never said I was a fast learner lol...When I don't eat breakfast I am starving by lunch and end up eating more then I would had I eaten breakfast

  • I need to stop eating dinner so late and then going straight to bed(yes I know you should wait at least 2 hours before you go to bed) but sometimes 2 hours is too long when your dead tired and just want to lay down

  • I wonder if eating so late is why I can't sleep at night and I also wonder if that's why when I get up in the morning I feel all ugh like I have a cement block in my stomach

  • I need to make an appointment with a nutritionist

  • I need to go to Lens Crafter's and get my eyes checked I know I am due for some new glasses

Today has been a day full of irritation if there is one thing I HATE its when people are suppose to show up and they don't last Monday I received a 2 day notice informing me that maintenance would be coming into my apartment between Wed the 21st-Wed the 28th to make repairs from the inspection last month(now mind you all I needed fixed was the pulley chain on my fan to turn it off and on) ok so anyway's they have a week to come in here and fix it well guess when he came to fix it HE DIDN'T it would have been nice had someone put a note on my door saying sorry he won't be able to get to it today or something...I am pissed because there are things I would have rather have been doing besides sitting all since last Wed waiting for him I don't like having people in my apartment when I am not here unless I know them...Let's see what else I got a wrong number call 6 times today every time I would say hello they would say oh sorry I think I have the wrong number how do you call the SAME wrong number 6 times ?

But on to good things today is 6 months since I had a glass of soda and tomorrow I cut out junk food the bad sugar I don't need sugar-free stuff here I come lol....I found a new love besides Crystal Light..I tried new Lipton Tea Pyramid Tea Bags me being a tea fanatic I had to try them so I went & got the White Tea with Island Mango & Peach Flavors now considering I don't like peach I would say this is damn good lol..So I guess that is all for the night folks hope everyone is having a goodnight....


SignGurl said...

Nothing makes me madder than waiting around for someone to show up and then they don't! I would be pissed.

Congratulations on the no soda thing. I know personally how hard that habit is to break. I was addicted to Diet Pepsi and haven't had one in almost 5 months.

Ellie said...

Hey, a milestone! No soda for six months! Now to start working on one of the other things on your list. I vote for a little breakfast each morning, and then the earlier dinner so your stomach has a chance to digest the foods better. In less then a year you will have all kinds of new, wonderful habits! I need to make a list like that for myself. :)