Sunday, February 18, 2007

Road To Recovery

Ok well Friday's Dr. Appt was a good one...The culture from the ER came back as just a regular bacteria so that is good...No more shoving gauze in the hole I wanted to kiss her when she said that but I think that would have been very unprofessional LOL...The whole has gotten considerably smaller since my visit to the ER its nice and pink which I guess is a good think its bad if it turns red...As long as it keep healing I am ok if it takes a turn for the worse she says I will have to go to wound care so lets hope I keep healing...

So I have to keeping cleanng it and putting the gauze on the cover it and wrap gauze around to hold it she also gave me more antibiotics not as strong as the other ones but I have to take them 4x a day..Yippeee more pills(sacasm)..She had me tested for Diabeties and my Cholestrol since its been over a yr but she doesn't think I am Diabetic because one of the pills I am on for my PCOS is also used for Diabeties

She also said even after this heals I am going to have to be careful that I don't hit that part of my leg on anything since it won't be as strong as my reg skin I am thinking great I need to buy a shin guard lol...My leg still hurts like hell thou lol so hopefully the pain will lessen as the wound heals..I have to go back and see her in a few weeks so she can see about my leg..Maybe I should buy a shin guard just to be on the safe side lol...I hope everyone had a good weekend it seems evreyone here decided to run to the car wash on Friday only to turn around and have it rain Sunday

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