Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Is Yummy For 100 Calories or Less

I was reading this article about things that are 100 calories and under they listed 10 things so I figured I would pass on what I learned in the article

1.Hershey Kisses-Just 100 calories for 3 pieces

2.Half cup of strawberries & four tablespoons of lite whipped topping for only 90 calories

3.Half an english muffin & a teaspoon of peanut butter for 95 calories

4.Graham Crackers-2 sheets for 100 calories

5.Jello Fat-Free Pudding Snacks- 1 pudding cup is 100 calories

6.Frozen Yogurt-3 ounces is 100 calories

7.Cherries-1 cup is 95 calories

8.Egg-1 medium hard boiled egg is 81 calories

9.Almonds-10 raw almonds roughly equals 100 calories.

10.Popcorn-3 cups of air-popped popcorn for just 93 calories

I honestly don't know if I could only eat 3 hershey kisses thou lol....I wonder how many calories a cup full of lite whipped topping minus the strawberries would be (yea I know I'm bad). I am not a fan of english muffins or peanut butter..But I do love graham crackers and Jello fat-free pudding..I have never tried frozen yogurt if anyone has let me know how it tastes..I love fruit but cherries is not one of them anything cherry I hate the taste of..I like eggs in a nice egg salad sandwhich but alone it isn't my cup of tea..I like almonds by themselves but mixed in with anything or covered in anything I don't like...People think I am weird because I don't really like popcorn a whole like to be honest I can do without it all together..


SignGurl said...

I'm with you on the whipped topping! I love it and really hate strawberries. As for cherries, I don't like cherry flavoring but I love the fruit.

It' weird because right now I only eat 400-600 calories a day since surgery. That used to be a snack before more snack, lol!

tkkerouac said...

I love this thumbnail and the one above it, can you bring it over to my site?

Sal said...

Hey. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!