Sunday, April 15, 2007

Truth or Lies....Why Lie ???

I am sure everyone has heard the old saying Never Assume because when you assume you make a ass out of you and me...Well I must say I honestly wished I had listened to that one for sure...I am not going to go into full detail here I just need to vent and get this off my chest and get over it....Recently I had a conversation with a friend(well someone I thought was a friend) but nonetheless we had a long conversation about life and different topics in general and for some reason at some point in this conversation I felt myself being happy that I have met this person and that we are friends well I assumed we were becoming friends I guess you could say...But I assumed I could believe the things this person was telling me because why would they have a reason to lie ??? Well for whatever their reason was maybe they were talking just to hear themselves talk but so I assumed and now well i've made an ass out of myself for assuming this person was worth the time & effort...Maybe this just one instance where there is a reason for lying I don't know but I have to say it hurts that they felt a need to lie and they didn't have to...Maybe I need to go through life not trusting people and see where that gets me heck if I even know right now for some reason this is really bothering me and I honestly just wish it would go away....I don't want to look at everyone who tells me something and think hmmm I wonder if he or she is telling the truth...If anyone has any ideas for me I would greatly appreciate it any help would be nice....

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