Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back To Your Regular Scheduled Programming

It has been awhile since I last posted well I have a reason..Last week was real touch and go with Mk's grandmother she has been suffering from Alzheimer's for a few years now..Well we got a call Wed that she may not make it much longer her breathing was labored and they were moving her to hospice..We got the call on Sat that she had passed away, Mk figured he would work Sat night since he had Sun and Mon off..We left Sun morning when he got home it was only a 4 hour drive so it wasn't that bad..The funeral service was very nice she was cremated..They are also have another service in her hometown next week where she will be buried. Whenever Mk's family gets together we all have a good time and have many laughs which was seriously needed at this time for sure...I met a few new family members which was cool but all in all you would havenever thought we were there for a funeral which I guess is a good thing. I figured I would keep up the family issue this week and tell you all about Mk's family and then my family lol that should make some interesting reading..Oh and I finally figured how to get my project off the rectangle loom lol I got a few more knitting toys which I will blog about later at another time...

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SignGurl said...

Sorry to hear about MK's grandmother.

I can't wait to hear about the new knitting toys.