Friday, June 01, 2007

The Year Is Half Gone..Where Did It Go ??

Quote for June "Life Should Not Only Be Lived, It Should Be Celebrated" By Osho.... I can't believe it is June already this year needs to slow down some it will be Christmas before you know it and I am not looking forward to it lol...The weather here has been very nice I think I can finally put the heater away once and for all...Yes I know I am odd its June and I still have my heater out...I also have my fan going year round and yes that includes winter too lol..What can I say man that bedroom gets hot in the summer its like the Sahara Desert and in the winter sometimes its like the Frozen Tundra and yet I still have the fan on lol...I need to buy a new fan cause Old Faithfull in the bedroom is about to die lol I want to buy a lil air purifer too maybe it will help with these damn allergies...I went out and got some knitting looms a few weeks ago and started trying to knit lol..I will post pictures of them tomorrow the the directions that come with these things are extremely confusing in some spots lol but i'll figure it out or find someone who can. Well I guess that is all for now I am going to go read as you can see the book The Secret is on hold for now I just can't get into it but I am not giving up on it completely I will go back and try and read it again eventually..

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