Monday, August 20, 2007

Angry,Confused & Lost

**For those of you who know the story about my uncle you can skip to the second part or just read all of it your choice**

This is going to be a long post so please bear with me and read it all..Before I get to the present I need to go back a few months ago.In March my uncle was taken to the ER with back& stomach pain well after all the test were done come to find out he had a problem with his pancreas according to the Dr the front & back of his pancreas were dead but the middle was still working so with his pancreas being so bad he became a Type 1 diabetic & would be on insulin for the rest of his life while he was in he hospital he ended up having to have dialysis, a trek tube, a tube up his nose & one down his throat all while fighting fevers & blood infections(the Dr''s had no idea where the blood infections were coming from) well he eventually started getting better & ended up getting all the tubes removed & coming off dialysis..So after he left there he went to rehab for a few weeks & was released on July 4th(gives a new meaning to Independence day huh.) He was in the hospital from March the middle of June & spent 2 weeks in rehab getting his hands stronger so he could give himself his shots & stuff and get his muscles used to going again..

So fast forward to today I talked to my mom on Sat & she told me on Friday my cousin P(my uncle's daughter) called her & my aunt while they were in N. Carolina they were visiting my cousin B(aunt's son) & they stopped to see my sister in Georgia but anyways..P called & told them she found her dad(my uncle) laying on the floor not breathing and she thought maybe he had a stroke & that he was in the hospital so they(my mom & my aunt) headed back home to Mass well come to find out he didn't have a stroke they did a cat scan & didn't find anything but here is the back news he isn't breathing on his own only with the help of a ventilator he hasn't woken up & they don't know now long he was without oxygen.He can hear you and when the nurse dropped something he flinched a little so I don't know what that means...His heart rate fluctuates like crazy it drops really low & rises really high & they end up giving him a shot of something & resetting the machine...I guess they had a family meeting when they got back & they were going to issue a DNR in case something happens they were going in to talk to the Dr & see what else is going on..I don't understand how a man can go from being relatively healthy to fighting for his life twice in a span of 6 months with all the wonders of modern medicine can't someone figure out something ? I am totally exhausted to be quite honest I sat here last night thinking of wanting to dive head first into a carton of ice cream or a bag of cookies(neither of which I have & didn't feel like going out to get any) but I did have a few drinks Jack & Oj since I don't drink soda I know alcohol is probably not good when your watching what you put in your mouth but I figured a few drinks was a lot better then consuming a carton of ice cream or a box of cookies & feel guilty later the bottle is still full & so isn't the Oj..Thank you all for reading this I am going to surf some blogs & then go crawl into bed...


BeadKnitter said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle. It sounds pretty serious. I know we have amazing medical advancements, but still, we know very little about the human body and what makes it go. I will send good thoughts your uncles way. I the mean time, you need to take care of yourself so you don't end up sick too.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, honey.... This is sad news. I recently helped my wife through her father's hospital journey, so I'm plenty familiar with the pain and stress of it all.

If you feel the need to just rant on someone, we may not know one another well, but sometimes ranting on a relative stranger can help. My email is on my profile and I'm always willing to listen.

Times like these are the hardest on us, but they do pass.... We find ourselves stronger in the aftermath than we may have ever thought ourselves to be before.