Monday, October 08, 2007

First One Done

Well I finished my first dishcloth I got the pattern from a book called Garden Dishclothes to Knitby Melissa Bergland Burnham there are some really cute patterns in there & they are so easy all you have to know how to do is knit & purl...I figure by the time I am done making all these dishclothes my hands will be able to knit & purl on there own all I will have to say is knit or purl ahhh wouldn't that be nice...I got some nice stripped yarn to make regular clothes without patterns also. I found this blog that has a ton of differnt patterns for dish & wash clothes I found a few here I want to make also. My goal is to try and make 4 clothes for each family so that is 16 clothes so hopefully I can get them all done in time


Lizet said...

Rae, that dishcloth is so very pretty! Well done!

Blue Momma said...

My son could live off of bananas. Seriously.

I must admit I was intrigued by your email address and checked out your site. I am also BBW, though not always feeling so beautiful about the big part! Your TT post are all so good! I just started doing them and I've already found it hard to figure out what to post about!

I bookmarked you and the bbw site. Nice to "meet" you! Oh, I tried to email this, but the address rejected!

Anonymous said...
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