Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 16~13 Songs I Liked That Were In Movies

Thirteen Things about Rae

This week is 13 songs that I liked in movies that I've seen over the yrs(most are old movies I am not a movie fan lol) even though I liked the songs doesn't mean I like the movie Enjoy !!!!!
1. Frequency-When You Come Back To Be Again-Garth Brooks
2. Hope Floats-To Make You Feel Me Love-Garth Brooks
3. Broken Bridges-Broken Bridges-Toby Keith & Lindsey Haun
4. Broken Bridges-Broken-Lindsey Haun
5. A Walk To Remember-Dare You To Move-Switchfoot
6. Flicka-My Little Girl-Tim Mcgraw
7. City Of Angles-Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
8. Message In A Bottle-I Love You-Sarah McLachlan
9. Pursuit Of Happiness-Soar-Christina Aguilera
10. Jerry McGuire-Secret Garden-Bruce Springsteen
11. Smokin Aces-Ace Of Spades-Motorhead
12. Ray-Georgia On My Mind-Ray Charles
13. Daredevil-My Immortal-Evanescence
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Zenmomma said...

Gotta love Ray Charles but I'm not to big a fan of the country singers. Fun 13 though.

amypalko said...

I love the City of Angels soundtrack! I play it often. Thanks for visiting my blog today :-)

Emmyrose said...

I love most of those songs :)

Great list!

Brenda ND said...

I like your list. Sweet songs. Good movies.

DearSantaClaus said...

What no "White Christmas"?? Nice list anyway. Happy TT and Merry Christmas!

Janet said...

I love that song by Ray Charles :-)

jenn said...

I love your choices, at least the ones I know!
Happy TT!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Fascinating that you don't like movies but remember these songs - that's kind of cool! :)

Happy TT!

Sleeping Mommy said...

You listed a few of my favorites. Especially those first two. I love me some Garth. :)

Thanks for visiting my TT today.

Joyismygoal said...

good choices i like the movie Pursuit of Happyness best

Lori said...

Great list. #7 is one of my favorites. City of Angels is a movie I have seen countless times:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

MissMeliss said...

Great songs. Especially Ray Charles's "Georgia On My Mind."

pussreboots said...

I don't know most of the songs on your list. Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Laura said...

"Georgia On My Mind" is the only one I can "hear" offhand but I'm sure I'd be familiar with a few others on your list.

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! *smiles*

SJ Reidhead said...

#13 - one of my favorite songs - if sung by Ray Charles!

The Pink Flamingo

Megan said...

What a bunch of great songs! I love #2 and #7 and #8 and I said, what a bunch of great songs! =D

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nap Warden said...

I love me some Garth!

Nicholas said...

The only one I know is Georgia On My Mind. Great song!

Lara Angelina said...

The only one I really know is from the Ray Charles soundtrack. I do enjoy country music, Toby Keith especially, but I've only recently gotten into it!
Great TT and thanks for stopping by!

Tink said...

I don't know all of the movies and all of the songs, but I like the ones I know!
Thanks for visiting my symbols TT.

Sue said...

Great list, and thank you some much for stopping by! Have a great weekend! :)