Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Loading Them 2 by 2...

If any of you have been watching the news then I am sure you know what is going on up here in Washington & also some of Oregon..The weather here is seriously riduculous the rain & flooding is scary as all out hell to be quite honest as I was watching the news this morning as they were showing all these people's houses & cars that are covered in water, how people were being evacuated in boats from their homes not knowing if they would have a home to come back to or not..Alot of roads & school where closed due to flooding Mk didn't get a truck at his job lastnight cause part of I-5 was flooded and at the warehouse where they trucks were coming from closed early cause the water was up to the third stair at the warehouse..

The city I am in had a little bit of flooding but none in our neighborhood but we are in between 2 cities that both have flood warning in effect until about 11 P.M. tonight its suppose to rain tomorrow but be Partly Cloudy on Thursday so hopefully the rain stays away long enough for all of the water to subside and dry up some I ust feel bad for all those who have lost their home below are some links to pictures that were in the Seattle Times Newspaper


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