Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Please Don't Pass the Salt...

I learned something today that kind of shocked me for a person with high bllod pressure I consume wayyy to much salt and it has got to stop that is for sure....I made one step today and joined Sparks People you can find them on my front page...From what I have read so far on there its a cool place is very informative and its a great website...I was talking to a friend today and she she wanted to lose weight to make her boyfriend happy.. Now if there is one thing I know its that if your going to lose weight for it to work you have to do it for yourself first and foremost your the one working at it, your the one who is benefitting from it, your the one changing your habits becasue according to him he thinks she has gained a lil too much weight after having a baby 4 months ago...I'm sorry but whi cares about baby weight you just popped out a baby gimme a damn break but that is just my idea..She asked me why I was losing weight and I told her plain and simple I am doing it for me no one else but me not for my boyfriend, my mother or for the family member that most of us have who always says to you "You have such a cute face but" god you have no idea how many times I heard that when I was younger....Most of the women in my family on my mom & my dad's side are big women and I am sure most have health issues I tend to keep mines quiet from my family except my mom but she occasionally throws in well you know you need to lose some weght...I know she worries about me she has some health issues of her she was never overweight or big and she had a stroke, has high blood pressure, and now she has Diabeties and the Dr.s also think she has a heart murmur she had her stroke about 6 years ago and last year she was diagonosed with Congestive Heart Failure and I know she think hell if she was never over weight and all this happend to her she worries about me since I am and I have to love her for that...I love my boyfriend for making me feel pretty and special no matter what size I am all the health issues erupted after we got together and I gotta say with all the shit I have had to deal with health wise I am surprised he hasn't ran for the hills...Well that is enough for tonight see you in my posts.

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FAT BITCH said...

Hi ~~Rae~~ :)

Yes please don't eat too much salt - I've also learned that it can cause many problems.

I definitely agree with you on the reason for people to lose their weight. You should do it for YOURSELF and the rest will naturally follow in your life. :)

Sorry to hear about your mom's health. Mine is overweight and has cancer (she's been in remission for years, thank goodness). The doctor told her to stay away from too much salt too.

Take care of each other...