Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Emotional Eating

I hear people talk about they eat when they are emotional you know like mad, angry, depressed things like that I never do that I eat the most when I am bored..And being home all day long well geesh how much more bored can you possibly get...I don't eat alot of junk food or fried food I actually eat things that are good for me but the only downside is my lack of ability to exercise which I have got to find a way to get that done...I happen to be an impulse buyer when it comes to candy and other sweets I want to know does anyone else do this ? I will want some candy or other assorted sweet get it home and then not want it and it will sit there for weeks on end until I either trash it or the boyfriend eats it..It drives me crazy that I do that but I have no idea why I do it...I think if I figure it out I may actually be able to take astep forward...But on the upside in 6 days that being Nov 27th I will be soda free for 3 month I am hoping I can keep this up now if only I can get the rest of my eating under control wouldn't life be grand

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