Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Day

Well here we are the first post of 2007 and I hope to have plenty more...As I sit here and type this its 6:05 A.M I have been up for a couple of hours now.I feel like I have a lump of something stuck in my throat and its driving me crazy lol...New Years was pretty quiet here bf had to work and I didn't want to be out with all the crazies so me and Jack(Daniels) relaxed and enjoyed a good book....And for those wondering I had orange juice not soda....I hope everyone had a safe New Year Eve...I guess I should continue on with my story from a few nights ago when I left off I was talking about how MK(my boyfriend) mom always makes comments about his weight (which by the way he is at a fine weight for his height and eveything he is far from overweight) but in the same breath she sends candy and cookies home with him...Let me give you a little background on his mom she has always struggled with her weight after she had kids so after yrs of taking it off and eventually gaining it back a few yrs ago I think when she was 61 or 62 she had gastric bypass surgery they were worried about her because of her age but her Dr suggested that was her only hope ok so she has had the surgery and I think it has been 2-3 yrs since she has had it and I will say up front I love Mk's mother to death but it seems since she has had the sugery she feels she has the right to tell others how to eat all the while still stuffing her self full of junk food and sweets until she makes her self sick..Now I am not knocking the surgery or anyone who has had the surgery you all have more courage then me I will say that I am seriously scared of going under the knife for anything lol..MK's dad is a diabetic he is good about watching what he eats and everything but god forbid he has a treat she yells at him that he should't be eating that but if he says something about what she is eating she snaps at him "don't tell me how to eat or what to eat"...It pisses me off is she has this things of saying things to me when no one else is around but she will change the subject when someone comes in the room..she has done that to me a few times about my weight and things like that and I just tend to ignore her but I told MK there is going to come a day when she is going to say something and I am not going to hold my tongue and I am going to go off on her and she isn't going to like me anymore..Its like since the surgery she has to throw it in people's face that she has lost some weight and others are still struggling its like she thinks she is better then the people she used to be like (people struggling with their weight)...Well on to other things I have made some resolutions this year like I am sure most of us have I am going to try my hardest to stick to it

1.Eat more healthy
2.Put myself first more
3.Continue no soda drinking

4.Cut out sweets(candy,cookies,junk food)
5.Read more(read 8 books this year

I also need to get more sleep my sleep schedule sucks now its horrible MK works graves and I have the hardest time sleeeping at night when he isnt home so I end up tossing and turning all night and then I lay down with him when he goes to bed too so I have to find a way to get a good nights sleep and not sleep my days away if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them..Well I am going to go read for awhile...

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SignGurl said...

Maybe you can try and stay up all night and only sleep when MK does. You could start reading at night instead of tossing and turning.