Thursday, January 04, 2007

Random Babbling

Well I read my horoscope today and it left me totally baffled it read "Someone enters your life who might be part of it forever. A new friend, lover or mentor -- the stars say that it could be any one of those three. Synchronicity happens when you let it, so keep an open mind."...Sounds like this year could be interesting..I was talking to a really good friend of mines we will call her Bridget we were talking about health as we usually do we have made a pact this is the year we take care of ourselves...I was tihnking about seeing if they have OA meeting online until I am able to make it to one..I don't think I over eat but I do eat the wrong stuff but I could be wrong..People always say well stop eating when your full well my problem is by the time I think i'm full my tummy hurts also I don't gorge myself on food all at one time I just eat the bad stuff through out the day and like I said in a previous post I usually eat the most when I am bored so I have been trying to find ways to keep busy so I am not so bored...Well I am off to read i'll blog more later...

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