Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February Already

Well its Feb already and as our fuzzy friend Phil said it will be a early Spring this year well Phil you better be right casue I am tired of cold weather...Well I been slacking on one of my resolutions as you can see I haven't been blogging regularly like I am suppose to be(someone feel free to kick me in my ass plz)...Well not much has been happening around here last month I ended up with Shin Splints and I have NO idea how considering I am not the least bit athletic unless you count my sprinting to the potty due to these water pills exercise lol...I have been taking my Blood Pressure pills like I am suppose to so when I go back and see my Dr I hope there is a significant change from being a walking stroke....Except for a few pains here and there I have been feeling pretty good lately my legs don't hurt when I get out of bed in the morning or when I get up from my chair....I haven't been spending much time in front of the computer like I used to I have been reading more I am still reading You On A Diet I had a little set back my book mark came out of the book and I had to find my place again lol...Well the 28th of this month marks 6 months of no soda I am proud of myself now if only I can do that with my eating habits I would be ok...I have been thinking about going back to college alot lately well actually I started thinking about it last yr...I figured I would take some classes online I would love to go back and get my degree I started college when I lived in Vegas and never finished I honestly wished when I graduated in 1997 from High School I had went directly to college but of course I didn't..This June makes is 10 years since I graduated High School god 10 yr already damn where did the time go ? So anyways I would love to get a degree in what I haven't quite figured that out yet.. Well that is all for now I am going to try and post regularly even if I don't have much to say... Also if anyone has any idea about how to change blog templates please let me know I think its time I got a new one thanx


SignGurl said...

Hey Rae, have you switched to the new blogger yet? It's really easy to change your templates now. If not, I can help you out. I mess with mine all the time.

I think I remember reading about you having lymphodema. You may want to check out this person's journal: Amy.

Anonymous said...

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