Sunday, February 11, 2007

If Your Falling Apart & You Know It Raise Your Hand (I Am Raising Mines)

Well I switched over to the new blogger so we will see how this works out for now so far so good but this is only my first post using the new version...So back to falling apart I have to tell you this year I finally decided I was going to start taking care of myself like I should be so I stopped drinking soda and I started taking my Blood Pressure medications like I was suppose to and I have to tell you since then I swear my body is rejecting me..Let's take a trip down memory lane here for the year so far...Well in Jan I had a case of the shin splints on my right leg well I dealt with that and then next thing I know I have what appears to be a blister appear in the front kind of on the side of my lower right leg in the shin area ok so the blister is about the size of a quarter and its full of liquid so I think ok no big deal its just a blister well obviously I was wrong well as it began to drain I cleaned it and covered it so it wouldn't get infected well in the process of me cleaning it when I would dab or wipe the skin would come off my leg on the blister area so as time went on my skin was coming off and I could see the meat under it(not a pretty picture for sure)...Well I have a Dr. Appt Friday but I was freaking out about my leg and honestly couldn't wait till Fri to have it seen so at about 4 AM this morning I get to the ER and have it looked at by this time its the size of a Cadbury Easter Egg(which while I was telling the Triage nurse about it feels a need to say OMG I love Cadbury Eggs they are so good now I am thinking umm yea I am glad you like them but can we get back to the issue at hand here) and its about a half a fingernail deep..So I get called back and the Dr comes in and looks at my leg and says I have a ulcer on my leg which some how equals a skin infection I am thinking sort of like a abscess so she tells me I need to be checked for Diabetes since my mom is Type 2 and I just found out this morning that my brother has Diabetes also. I gotta say I really hope I am not Diabetic honestly with the High Blood Pressure, PCOS and the Lymphodemia I have enough on my plate already its full enough so when I go to my Dr Friday I have to make sure I get tested. I also got a tetanus hot man that hurts like hell..But the ER Dr gave me some Antibiotics and some Tylenol 3 w/ codeine for the pain. I have to wet dry wrap it and change it once a day which means I have to take some gauze and wet it and stick it in the hole and make sure its flush with my skin and then wrap dry gauze around my leg and follow up with my Dr. on Friday. Man all I know is when she had the nurse come in and clean out my leg OMG I thought I was gonna die I was squeezing MK's hand so hard I thought I broke a finger or two but he is ok it was his left hand anyways lol he is right handed. But she sprays water in it which was no big deal but then she wipes the water out I swear it felt like she shoved to fingers in there like she was digging for gold man then she says to me as she is wiping this looks like it hurts does it hurt I got ready to say no I always clench my teeth when I talk to someone lol. So by the time we got out of there it was almost 8 o'clock I went and got my pills filled and came home and took them and went to sleep..So that was my fun filled day in a nutshell hope everyone is having a good weekend...Also thanx to everyone who has listed me on their blogs I feel so honored

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SignGurl said...

That is absolutely horrible!!! I'm glad you went to the ER instead of waiting. Hope you get some rest and things get better.