Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weight Issues

My biggest problem with my eating is knowing when I am full...Everyone says well just stop eating when your full well that would be alot easier if my stomach would tell me its full...The only way I know I am full is when i've eaten too much and my stomach hurts..I don't know if anyone else has or has had this problem but if so I would love to know what you did or if something helped you...I know one thing for sure I need to drink more during my meals I usually end up drinking before or after not very much during....This weeks eating habits have sucked not really badly but bad enough this sinus infection isn't helping matters much.

I have tried Benadryl sinus that didn't help, I tried Zicam that didn't help and now I am trying Tylenol Sinus so I hope that helps I have a Dr. Appt monday so if not I will talk to her about it.
I had been sleepless the last 2 nights my nose seems to think its a good idea for both nostril to plug up at one time and I can't sleep while breathing through my mouth. I even tried those breathe right strips and those things are irritating the part that goes over the bridge of your nose that has the band in it that thing is seriously uncomfortable.

I can't wait until spring starts I want to buy some plants liven the place up some get rid of the winter blah...Well that is all for now off to try and get some sleep


Lady Rose said...

OH I can SOOOOOO relate to this. What helped me was keeping a food journal (I just jot down what I'm going to eat or ate for the day in a steno pad) - that way I can look and see that I have indeed had enough to eat (lean protein, enough fruits and veggies) -- so if I'm still hungry I need to fill up without blowing calories -- low sodium pickles, celery, air popped plain popcorn, raw veggies. A cup of low sodium broth or small salad with 0 calorie Walden's dressing before a meal can help too. I try to have what ever I choose in a portion controlled amount -- wait 20 minutes and re-evaluate how I feel. A lot of times that gnawing hunger can also me excess acids in your stomach because you're used to eating much larger amounts -- over time I have found that it does get better. I take care of the hunger - but always try NOT to feel stuff that way my stomach gets used to less over time.

SignGurl said...

I had the problem of never knowing when I was full. By the time I knew I was, I was literally stuffed and had a hard time breathing. I wish I could say I overcame this on my own, but the only thing that helped me was surgery.

I do think that being accountable for everything you put into your mouth (no matter how small) by writing it down helps. We have a tendency to think, "Well, that little bit doesn't count" but we all know it does add up.

I have the same sinus thing going and haven't slept in the past couple of days either. It's awful! I hope you feel better this weekend.