Friday, May 25, 2007

What are you hooked on ?

Yes I know its been a while in between posts lol if anyone wants to be my personal ass kicker to get me to blog please send resumes to my email..I REALLY need to keep up on this before my head explodes lol...So on with my post I was channel surfing the other day which I do a lot because there isn't rarely anything on TV well daytime TV..I usually have the TV on for back noise but I have it muted lol yea I know makes no sense lol...I hate reality TV shows with a passion lol yea I know shame on me because it seems America loves them There are a few shows I am completely hooked on in case you want to see then I will list the channel they are on....

  • Dirty Jobs-Discovery Channel
  • Mythbusters-Discovery Channel
  • Hazard Pay-Discovery Channel
  • How Its Made-Discovery Channel
  • Made In America-Travel Channel
  • Whose Line Is It Anyways-Fox Family
  • Good Eats-Food Network
  • Ace Of Cakes-Food Network

That is pretty much my viewing schedule for the week sad isn't it yea I know lol... There is also some UFC and some sports thrown in there too I am a sports junkie not all but some so that is what I watch on Tv I need some new things to watch if anyone has any ideas let me know I would love to check them out...

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