Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 3~Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

Thirteen Things about Rae

I figured I would list my favorite alcoholc drinks mixed & non mixed
1…. Jack Daniels(including Single Barrel & Gentleman Jack)
2.Jim Bean
3.Jose Cuervo
4.Cruzian Vanilla Rum
5.Alabama Slammers
6.Dirty OJ(my own concoction)
7.Dixieland Tea
9.Adios Motherfucker
10.Bahama Mama
12.Acapulco Zombie
13.Strawberry Daiquiri
**If you want the recipe for any of these let me know**

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BeadKnitter said...

I'm afraid to ask....what is an Adios Motherfucker.