Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thurday Thirteen # 7~ 13 States I Want To Visit

Thirteen Things about RAE

I figured I would post about the states I want to visit if you live in any of these places or have visited let me know how you liked it
1.Alaska-6 months of Darkness I would LOVE IT
2.Arizona-Grand Canyon Skywalk
3.California-Winnie The Pooh @ Disney
5.Florida-Tree of LIfe@ Disney
7.Hawaii-Its Beautiful
8.Louisiana-Mardi Gras
9.Maryland-Hear They have excellent crab cakes
10.Minnesota-Mall of America
11.New York-Broadway
12.Texas-Always wanted to visit there
13.Wisconsin-Packers Fan lol
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TeaMouse said...

I'm with you on Hawaii for sure and I'd also like to go to Vermont in the Fall, I've heard they have the most glorious fall colours.

yh said...

Let's see... Ive been to #2, #3 (live in Cali), #7 -- it is beautiful!, and #11.. very nice!

I'm going to #4 in a few weeks... ugh. :) Hope it's not as hot as #3 or #7

April Elizabeth said...

you know what, mn is such a great state but the mall of america kind of blows, although the amusement park inside is kinda cool. THe rides are lame, but that fact that you are one a ride, in the mall is really cool.

If you go to MN go to Jake's Sports Cafe and have the Jakes Wings, becuase OH MY GOD those are the best wings I have ever had.

Adelle said...

I guess I'll live vicariously through you lol Canadian here. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Wishing you Miles of Smiles :)

Adelle Laudan~Author

Anonymous said...

Alaska I would love to visit too!!!! Oh how I'd love the chill and the dark!

I'd love to visit several of the places you mentioned, but I think I'll pass on Texas. Grew up there.... Hehe, then again ... Polar Bear Boy! I couldn't stand the heat, I suppose. :)

Happy T13!

Krystle said...

Very cool list!! :o)

I'm from Minnesota! I live only about 45 min from the Mall of America and work only about 20! It's a fun place to be... and rumor has it that they're building another mall that's even bigger, near by! Could be word of mouth, but... that's what's going around!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Oh, and my middle name is Rae ... :o)

Happy TT!!

Krystle said...

Oh wait, and I live in Wisconsin!! :) Best of both worlds... Go Packers!!!!

Cindy said...

Those all sound like a great deal of fun!

Linda R. Moore said...

I can definitely recommend the Grand Canyon. :)

There are only some parts of Alaska where it's dark 50% of the time.

Thanks for visiting my TT. There's another one over here:

Happy TT!

Amanda said...

I live in California. I love it here and I absolutely LOVE Disneyland. I would go every week if I could.

Titania Starlight said...

Good list. I have been to 2,4,5,6 and 9. Ilove Colarado. I would live there if it wasn't so expensive!

Thank you for stopping by my T13.:o)

Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

The crab cakes in Baltimore, Maryland are great indeed. Good TT list! Thanks for visiting mine.

WFM said...

Go pack go! Big packer fans. I actually agreed with you on most of the things on your fantastic list!!