Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Project # 2

So I finally started my second scarf I figured I would make 3 & then wash them up & send them off the first one I did was just a plain Garter Stitch so this time I figured I would try I think its called a Stockinette Stitch(knit one row & purl the next)..So far it has come out looking ok I like the colors in the yarn I am not a real fan or solid colors. I got a book from the library on stitches I want to learn some new stitches, learn to increase & decrease things like that..I got a pile of stuff this week when Mk's parents came up here I got some circular needles(which I have NO idea how to use lol)..I will take pictures of the stuff when I get a chance I also got a sewing machine (yipee)...Below is the start of my scarf hope it comes out good if anyone knows a good site that talks about circular needles plz let me know I would appreciate it...Have a good night all.

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Lizet said...

http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/FEATtheresa.html or google on circular needles patterns. I knit almost everything with circs, LOL!
The colours of the scarf are just beautiful and your knitting looks neat. Way to go! And since you master knit and purl, the other stitches won't be difficult to learn.