Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 8~ 13 Pet Peeves I Have

Thirteen Things about RAE

1.People who have to touch you when they talk to you
2.People who blow smoke in your face when they are smoking a cigarette(I mean when the wind isn't blowing
3.People who stand damn near nose to nose with you when they talk to you
4. I have never been pregnant but it irks me when people just assume they have the right to touch a pregnant women's stomach without asking just because her belly looks so cute(what if someone walked up to you and rubbed your boob or butt cause they thought it was cute
5.People who let their kids run wild in stores & take no responsibility when they break things
6.People who get in the 15 items or less lane with about 30 items & get pissed when someone says something(I can see one or two in case you miscounted)
7.People who read over my shoulder(especially when I have asked them not to)
8.People who don't cover their nose & mouth when they sneeze
9.People who will sit there and talk crap about people in another language(I figure if you have the balls to talk crap make sure everyone can understand if you can't then don't open your mouth)
10.People who can't hold the door open for someone when they know there is someone behind them
11.People who put on their makeup while driving
12.People who talk with their mouths full
13.People who leave the toilet seat up lol(cold porcelain or cold water on your cheeks is not fun lol)
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Wolfbernz said...

I am soooo #1 My personal space is one thing but...

Happy TT

Mine's up!

Nicholas said...

I agree with you on most of those, especially #5. If only children could be kept in sealed containers until they reach 18.

#8 and #12 are disgusting.

re #13, I get infuriated by people who leave the seat down.

FRIGGA said...

I'm big on the personal space - but I also don't let people get away with invading it. 8-\

Happy TT13 - mines up at

Damozel (Buck Naked Politics) said...

That's a lot of people with bad, bad boundaries. Ugh.

Malcolm: said...

These beefs are all legit. Since I commute, I see #11 (Miss L'oreal as I like to call them) a few times a month.

Lizet said...

You are so funny! And on most of them I agree totally with you. I have children, they are not allowed to run around in stores or restaurants, but sometimes it just happens... And yes, they did break an item once or twice, while standing next to me.

Mama Pajama said...

I hate #11 (driving while doing other stuff) and when parents don't watch their kids....great list!

Christine said...

Agreed 100% on everything! Lack of regard to personal space is one of my biggest pet peeves!

Great list!

Anonymous said...

Whooooooooo boy! I agree with this list 110%!!!!

Awesome T13, Rae!

Annie said...

Great TT! I can agree with so many of them.

jeanjeanie said...

Looks like we share a lot of pet peeves.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!