Thursday, December 20, 2007

TT # 22~13 Favorite Games To Play

Thirteen Things about RAE

I figured I would post my favorite games I like playing that is the one things I love about going to Mk's parents for Christmas we play games after all the gifts are open on Christmas Eve Me & Mk have a game night at home at least once a week sometimes twice since its just me & him we most of the time play the Wii

3.Trival Pursuit
6.Scene It DVD Game
7.Shout About DVD Game
9.Phase 10

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Bloggers said...

I love trivial pursuit!!!

me and my daughter play it for hours.

My 13 is up on Working at Home Mom

pjazzypar said...

I like most of these. I am not familiar with how to play 11 - 13, but I have heard of them. When my son was a child we played # 4 for hours on end. I just bought # 6 this year. Two other games I enjoy are Pictionary and Othello. Great list. Happy TT.

jenn said...

I just taught my kids how to play Phase 10. We love it too!

Happy tt!

Robin said...

I loved Uno when I was a kid. I should buy it to play with the kids.

Lori said...

I wish I could get my hubby to play more board games. Since he's not good at them, he avoids them like the plague.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Fun list! I have to admit that I haven't played any of these games in forever. And I do love them. Great suggestions for the holiday.

Happy TT!

My TT is up: Reasons my life sucks! ;)

Greatfullivin said...

We love to play family games at holiday gatherings. Trivial Pursuit is a favorite as well as yahtzee. We also play dominos. Thanks for sharing>

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Sounds like lots of fun to me. It's good to play family games. Have a great TT. :)

pussreboots said...

Lots of great games listed. Happy TT.

Malcolm: said...

Scattegories, TP, Scene It, and Taboo are some of my favorites. Another game that I really enjoy is Outburst.

Although I didn't participate in Thursday Thirteen this week, please feel free to stop by and comment on my latest post and/or vote in my current poll.

Nicholas said...

I really enjoy 1 and 2. It's many years since I have played Risk but I'd like to try it again. Trivial Pursuit is my ave -- I have won every game I have ever played.

ellen b. said...

The games that have been popular this year at our gatherings have been Mexican Train, chicken foot, and the Settlers series! Enjoy...I'm going down to last Thursdays cuz your listing some of my favorite places in the world...

Janet said...

Try Apples to's SO much fun!!!

Cocoa said...

Scrabble is my absolute favorite. I second Apples to Apples - must have at least 4 people to play though. A few other fun ones are SET and Blink.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I love Uno and rummuy!!! :)

Happy TT!!!

Lori said...

We are gonna be playing a few of these at Christmas. I got my sister Trivial Pursuit 80's addition:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Have you played Uno Attack? It's a great twist on an absolute classic. And I'd have sworn that you couldn't improve on Uno!

Happy TT!

Leslie Dicken said...

I'm a huge Scrabble fan! Great list!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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